Beint í efni

Icelandic Social Science Association

The Icelandic Social Science Association is a union of those who have recognized final examination in social sciences

The Icelandic Social Science Association (Félag íslenskra félagsvísindamanna, or FÍF) is a union of those who have recognized final examination in social sciences and work for the government, municipalities and/or the general labor market. Membership to the union is independent of the field of work, employer, or form of employment. Those who have completed a BA or BS degree or equivalent from a recognized university can become full members.

The union provides a variety of services that members can apply for at the union's office. These services include terms and rights, interpretation of wage agreements, resolution of disputes related to work, negotiation and support for retirement.

Regarding wage agreements, common questions include whether payments are being made in accordance with the correct wage rate and about rights related to illness and leave. The FÍF office can assist with the calculation of the correct salary and collection, if necessary. Upon request, the FÍF office can also provide legal advice on matters that fall within a trade union's scope. The FÍF office can also provide members with instructions regarding job searching and guidance on registering for unemployment.

The Icelandic Social Science Association (FÍF) belongs to the Icelandic Confederation of University Graduates (BHM) and members have access to various grants and benefits related to BHM. For example, regarding financial assistance for health care or long-term absence from work due to illness. BHM also runs funds that support vocational and continuing education. Finally, members of FÍF enjoy membership to the BHM Vacation Fund, which offers, for example, the possibility of booking holiday houses and other benefits and discounts related to vacation and travel.

Members of FÍF elect the board of directors at the union’s annual general meeting. In addition to the chairman, the board consists of 4 members and 2 deputies.

If you would like to apply for membership to FÍF, you can submit a membership application here on the web.

The union runs a service office at Borgartún 6 in Reykjavík, which handles all daily administration. There you will find consultants who can guide members in matters that arise and are related to a person's work.

You can send the office a written inquiry for general questions or create a formal service request for extensive or sensitive matters. You can also book a call with a consultant.

In addition, you can call 595 5165 or visit Borgartún 6 every working day from 9-12 and 13-16.